Terms and Conditions


The term "Area Career and Technical School" refers to the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation designation by the State of Indiana as the principle school facility to provide career and technical education to students in Gibson County, Posey County, Vanderburgh County, Warrick County, and southern Spencer County. Any student from these counties is eligible to apply for admission to any of the Area School Career and Technical Programs if a similar program is not available in his/her home school. There is no charge to the student for this admission. Student applications will be evaluated and students selected for programs based on a scoring rubric adopted by the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation Board of School Trustees in the spring of 2007.


A. Students accepted and officially enrolled in a career and technical program agree to remain in the program for at least one semester and complete the required subjects for that program.

B. The purpose of secondary career and technical education is to prepare students for post secondary education leading to employment and/or entry into the work force.

C. Work based experience is an integral part of career and technical education. Career and technical education teachers may place a student in an internship within his/her career and technical area providing the student so desires and meets the necessary criteria. The school does not guarantee employment for any student enrolled in a career and technical education program.

D. Students in career and technical programs may receive a Career and Technical Certificate. Criteria for this award are based on achievement, citizenship, and attendance. The program instructor will provide information regarding the selection process. Career and technical laboratories are furnished with equipment and machinery similar to that used by workers in business and industry. Improper use of this equipment and machinery may cause injury. The school has established rules for safe procedures and students are informed of these rules. Students approved for enrollment in career and technical education classes agree to observe and practice these safety precautions.